(06/26/00)  [Note: Names of emperors are in captial letters]


      Herod the Great (K. of Palestine, 37BCE, d. 4 BCE)*

M. Mariamne I


      Aristobulus (d. 6 BCE)

M. Berenice (Dr. of Salome)


              |                                                                             |

      Herod Agrippa I (K. of Palestine, 41-44 CE)         Herod Pollio (aka Herod II, Vespasius Pollio I)

M.  Cypros (Dr. of Phasael)                                     M. Mariamne (Dr. of Joseph)

                                                                                 M. Berenice (Dr. of Herod Agrippa I)


                                                                |                                                               |

                                                Vespasia Polla                                                  Vespasius Pollio II

                                           M. Titus Flavius Sabinus I                               M. ______________


                                                         |                                                 |

                                              Titus Flavius Sabinus II                Titus Flavius VESPASIAN (Caesar)**

      C. Caecina Paetus =  M. Arria the Elder                         M. Flavia Domitilla I

                                          |                                                               ____|_____________

                  Flavia Sabina/Arria the Younger                                    |                                   |

            M. Thrasea Paetus/Gaius Calpurnius Piso                        TITUS                  DOMITIAN

            M. L. Caesennius Paetus/Lucius Calpurnius piso        N. Berenice          M. Domitia Longina***

                                          |                                                      M. Arrecina Tert.

                                          |                                                      M. Marcia Furnilla


                   |                                                    |                             |

         Arrius Calpurnius Piso           Flavia Arria/Fannia        L. Junius Caesennius Paetus

    M. (Niece of Vespasian)       M. Lucan (?)                   M. ______________________

    M. Boionia Procilla              M. C.H. Priscus

                 |                                                   |

                V                                                 V

[Down to many, many emperors]       [Down to PERTINAX]



The name “Vespasian” (Vespasianus) could have been an alias name that was devised from a

combination of two or more words. It could have been made from “bas”, which is short for

“royal” (basilicos) and/or “King” (basileus). And “pas” being “pac” or “pax”, meaning “peace”.

The name could indicate that (1) the person is a King or royal, and (2) it could stand for the

phrase “royal peace” - which makes a statement. A rather potent one at a time when there was

so much turmoil in the royal houses.


There are other reasons for this connection having been found and indicated, but I will have to

find those notes as well. There were a lot of things going on involving the persons who are seen

as the founders of the “Vespasian” family line. Herod Pollio was Prince of Chalcis & Titular King

of Palestine 44-48 CE.


* King Herod (The Great) was descended from the Maccabees via Eleazar Auran.

** Flavia Domitilla I was also the wife of emperor VITELLIUS.

*** Domitia Longina, the wife of Domitian was mother of TRAJAN, but Domitian was not his

father.Trajan’s father was Lucius S. Titianus, the brother of OTHO.


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