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Our Dedication to the terminated Pablo (and it's not HIS fault he had a moustache!)

Much Love to the Pabs

Pablo, how we miss ye. Why oh why did you have to grow up and develop facial hair? It's not YOUR fault, it's just a natural part of being human. I mean, no one blames Zoe for growing uglier in her old age, so why should they blame you? It just doesn't make sense to us. After all, Zoom was all about diversity, so it only makes sense to have a 30 year old who rides a Harley on the show. Instead, they had to replace you with a fat beached whale named Claudio. He thinks he's such hot stuff, but have you seen the mole on that thing? Good god, have you ever heard of surgery? I don't see him winning the cup game like you did. And ugh, today he made his team lose the sleeping bag race; he looked like a whale out of water! We know if you were there, my dearest Pablo, you would have NO trouble winning the gold! PBS is now running reruns of the season one cast of Zoom. This is wonderful because we can now get our Pablo fix daily. During the repeats that we have been watching, we learned some new and wonderful information about the man they call Pabs. First, he doesn't like watermelon. Because of this fact, we have stopped consuming all watermelons and anything that is artifically watermelon flavored. We have also set up a boycott of all watermelon stands in the area and pass out flyers in front of the grocery store demanding that watermelon sales stop. We also learned about a trip Pablo and Jared made to Funworld. The person running the joint looked at Jared and did not say anything, but when Pablo came into the picture, he told him to behave himself as a warning. This was prejudice against Pablo. Pablo is a super individual and does not deserve to be treated in this way. Pablo's mom said he is smart, very smart, and we believe this to the full extend of the word smart. I'm sure that Pablo will be very rich and famous some day, and he can shove that in the Funworld guy's face.

Voice Descrimination!

Okay, if you've ever watched the Brady Bunch you have probably seen that episode where Peter's voice changed. And, you probably noticed that the Brady Family didn't disown him when his voice got deeper, and that the *Big Producer Man* Sherwood Schwartz did NOT can Peter (AKA Christopher Knight) when his voice became deep. Now, we think that the Zoom producer should take a lesson from those groovy Brady's. Firing people just because their voice changed is DISCRIMINATION! We're talking about Zoom here, NOT Manudo! Just like Ricky Martin was allowed to stay in his cool 80's band, Jared should have been allowed to stay on Zoom. He brought a lil' ray of sunshine to every Zoom episode. Remember those funny skits he used to do with the skeleton? He was Mr. Jones and the skeleton was Mr. Bones. OOOOh how we just giggle thinking about that! After the multiple episodes hearing Jared's voice squeak, we could tell it was near the end! When they did the "Behind the Scenes" episode, we knew it was time. How we will miss the ever fashionable Jared with his bowl cut! (P.S. check out the chin pimple in this shot!)

All Hail to those who Fired Lynese!

Though we may miss the dry wit of the self-centered, pudgy David, or the steel powered braces of Keiko with those floppy pigtails, and we may cry over the loss of Jared, and not mention the sacred name of Pablo due to the fact that we STILL find it hard to talk about him, we will be forever grateful for the termination of Lynese! We still can picture those ever disgusting hair extensions shaking in the breeze. We still see visions of the "little rope snakes" in our dreams and wake up screaming in horror. Lynese thought that she was hot stuff, and was great at EVERYTHING she did. Well, Lynese, how great are you now? You're fired! I don't see you doing much acting anywhere else! Bouyah Grandma! Serves you right for enjoying the snack of grilled cheese and maple syrup. Oh sick!