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Check out some more of Season Three

From the sound of that whine, it must be Caroline

She's back. I simply can not believe that she's back. I mean, how unfair is that? ANYONE, and I do mean ANYONE, would have been better to keep around. She already had her two years. What makes her so special that she gets to have year numero three? This girl simply does not age I suppose and it's completely not fair. "But," you say, "LIFE isn't fair." Well obviously it's not since I have to deal with watching the pixie from Hades for yet ANOTHER season. Sorry Caroline, does that hurt your feelings?! TOO BAD! It hurts me that you're still around on Zoom while Buzz isn't. He could have used the little funding he got from Zoom to afford that lypo he so badly needs. I bet you're just going to buy another Barbie or Pokemon action figure. I choose you Pikachu! Caroline has to be pushing 13 by now, and she does look rather like an ape, but I suppose that doesn't matter. I guess if being on Zoom makes Caroline happy, I should be happy for Caroline. Or something like that...


Kaleigh has aged, and not so gracefully. This picture doesn't show it because the real Zoom website doesn't have newer pictures of the older (uglier) cast. I guess the most important thing is now Kaleigh is in her awkward stage. When the light shines on her forehead just so you can see the many hills and valleys the make-up artist tried to cake foundation and concealer over. I say, why hide it? Show all those kiddies out in Zoom land what their beautiful clear skin will look like in a few years. Zoom is supposed to be about REAL kids, and Kaleigh has REAL acne. She could be a wonderful role model for all those pizza faced pimple poppers of the future. Kaleigh still has her corn teeth that she could just about use a quarter to floss with. However, Estuardo is giving her some competition in the bad teeth department.


Rachel has short "hair" now, but this is one of the few pictures available of her. Rachel is too good to be on Zoom. Okay, she's also too old to be on Zoom much like all her Season III counterparts that stuck around with her. Rachel was so boring in her first season that I can't understand why they kept her around for another season. But lucky for her, she took Kenny's place as Ubbi Dubbi Man. Only, she's Ubbi Dubbi Woman. She was probably the only one they could find that fit into the spandex suit. I feel sorry for anyone who has the bad luck to fit into that suit, especially because they're always so old. I bet the director negotiated with her that if she wore the suit, he would keep her hair the same length in every shot unlike last season where they changed the length depending on where they spliced older clips. The suit is a small price to pay I guess. So what if your mother, father, sister, brother, cousins, aunts, uncles, kids, grandkids, great grandkids and great great grandkids will have to deal with the humiliation for their lifetimes.