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More of Season Four


This is Matt. Poor Matt didn't fit on any of the other pages, so he gets this one all to himself. Matt's just your average all American white boy who plays catch with his pops and Monopoly for fun. He's also a big Red Sox fan. "Go NOOOOMARHHHH!!!" Matt would be much cooler if he had that great Bah-ston accent and if he said "Ree-tahhh-ded" a lot like all true Bostonians. But he doesn't, so he's really just sort of there, much like Frances was a season earlier. It's okay though Matt. I bet some really keen frat will take you under their drunken wings and have a fab keg bash when you finally get into one of those quality colleges in Boston. Or maybe you'll just end up sewer scum like the rest of your Zoom buddies.