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Still Alive in Season Five

Yeah, it would make sense that her hair is a fungus

Apparently, there's a fungus among us. That's basically all I've got on Aline. I guess I'm slipping, but since I have seen a collective three episodes from this season, Aline has done nothing hate worthy. Her hair has grown to new proportions though. She better watch out, or it's going to take over her whole body. She'll be like cousin IT in the Addam's family... just a walking blob of hair.


This girl must have been a friend of friend who knew someone to get on this show. She's NEVER on. I figure she must have the personality of the brick that hit Caroline in the face or something. I am tired of these people that they bring on to just have another body in the studio. Remember, Frances, yeah... neither do I. Kortney is another Frances... she's just sort of there. Plus, she looks like Lynese, which scares the poopy out of me. Eureka!! She must be Lynese's sister and that's how she got on the show!! Ahhh, now it all makes sense. That's my theory anyway, and I'm sticking to it.

Well, they sort of smile the same I guess...

Look! David's in the back of the picture! (Pssst... hey David, I love you... ZOOOOOM!)