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The Last of Season Three


All right, this is Eric. Definitely not one of the favorites from Season III. After all, he was a towering six feet tall and rather elderly. There just is no way possible that he was twelve. I mean, if he was twelve, I'm five. Eric had no hopes of making it into Season IV. Maybe that's because he was so darn OLD. I mean Pablo was pushing it, Eric just stomped on the age limit thing and ate it for breakfast with Lucky Charms and herbal tea. I figure that Eric is better off now though. He's probably working in a steel mill or off in Las Vegas doing Cabaret. Perhaps he's turned his efforts towards ice skating. Yeah, if you don't understand what I'm getting at here, just take a look at the kid. Anyway, Eric gets his own page now. Want to know why? Because NO ONE likes him... for reals, he's scary.