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Season Three... more fun for you and me

Here are some of our friends from Season III. Ah, it all seems like a distant blissful memory right now. Please, bring Buzz back. That's all I want.

How do you spell hot? K-E-N-N-Y!

I will be the first to admit that during Kenny's first season I was not impressed with him. Even his attempt to do the Ubbi Dubbi rap did not impress me. However, after a year Kenny came back and looked mighty studly. Since Kenny was still super boring, this about all I have to say about him. He cooks, he "sits on the bench and waves the towel", he speaks in Ubbi Dubbi...He is also Ubbi Dubbi Man. He put on this muscle suit and used an orange towel as a cape and pretended to fly around. It was pretty pathetic actually. I almost started crying every time it was on because I just felt so bad for Kenny. Most kids stop playing super hero when they're 9, and even that's pushing it. But there was Kenny, wearing spandex and a towel at age 13 trying to convince us that "It's a bird, it's a plane, NOOOOO it's Ubbi Dubbi man!" I totally would have voted to make Kenny a memember of Season IV, but that's only because I hate Caroline so much. He probably got too big to fit into that spandex suit. Either that or the teasing got to be too much for him and he had a psychological breakdown, robbed the A&P, and is now doing time with Pablo in Juvie. For Kenny's sake I hope not. He'd be somebody's girlfriend in no time flat. Kenny dear, don't drop the soap.

Buzz :o(

Buzz... just typing the four letters of his name simply brings me to tears. I thought Buzz was a definite shoe-in for Season IV, but of course I was wrong. That would be just too wonderful and bring a little too much joy into my life. Yup, Buzz, Season III's token fatty. I always love the token fatties because they provide so much humor to an already extremely humorous show. First there was David, then Claudio, and the best butterball of them all... BUZZ! Buzz was so much more of a token fat kid than either David or especially Claudio. Buzz had talent. He could sing, he could dance, and he could even levitate (throwing up afterwards of course a la David Blaine). Okay, scratch that last part, he couldn't levitate. But he COULD sing! Ah yes, that day I saw him all decked out to sing "Yellow Submarine" to the old folks was the day I fell for Buzz. Buzz you ultra-stud you I can barely bring myself to watch Zoom because the screen no longer contains your white doughy face.


Okay, so Frances is gone. Not such a big deal if you ask me. I mean, what exactly did she ever contribute to the show? I know she spawned the whole "Minnie Mouse" hair trend thing, but really, she just stole the whole look from Disney in the first place. Don't get me wrong, compared to Caroline this girl was Audrey Hepburn, however I'm still a little bitter that it could have been Pablo in her place. Thanks for the memories Frances, uhm not that there were any...