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More of Season Two, special for YOU!

Flamboyant Ray

*Sigh* Why do they always get rid of the studly ones? That hair, that shirt, those eyebrows!! Perhaps Ray had to go because the camera man was sick of seeing those caterpillars dance every time that boy talked. More than likely it was again that age thing. Just because someone's voice changes, they develop a little facial hair, and grow a foot doesn't mean they aren't good enough to be on PBS. This isn't MTV for crying out loud! PBS isn't about bulimic teenage girls with implants who have bleached their hair to the point of crispiness so that it now falls out every time a breeze blows (and YES I'm talking about Christina "not important enough for me to learn how to spell her last name" Agularia). It's supposed to be all about real people that children can look up to. They shouldn't tease like that. First they give us Pablo then rip him away, then they take away Ray. Give them back!!

Claudio, the man of mammoth proportions!

Mistaken one too many times for the Pillsbury Dough Boy, Claudio quit the Zoom cast after the director poked him in the stomach. The director apparently drunk (hey, you can't blame the man...imagine sitting around day after day after day after day directing a bunch of talentless little punks who will probably end up living in the gutter if they're LUCKY to smile and say "cool" and "awesome" a whole lot...yeah, you'd be getting drunk too!) said "Hey chubs! Get over here so I can poke your rolls!" Claudio grew enraged and walked off the set to never return again. It wasn't a big loss however. The casting director was planning to can his chubby tush anyway for the next season's taping. Oh well Claudio, see you in the Big and Short Shop!

Know what rhymes with Zoe? Yeah, I think you do....

What to say about our dear friend Zoe. Well, it was her time to go, and hopefully never return. Zoe left much to be desired. After all, no self respecting girl wears pigtails over the age of ten. She was like sixteen and still prancing around with pigtails! Have you no shame Zoe, have you no shame?!? Yes, she was the other cast member from season one that ended up returning. Obviously, the casting director for Zoom has absolutely no taste what so ever. Zoe then got herself onto a path of dramatic weight loss. Sorry sweety, but no matter how thin you are, Hollywood still isn't going to want you.