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Lampe Berger  
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Hi, I'm Karen. Welcome to my website, please take your time to view the products and don't hesitate to contact me if you wish to place an order or need any clarification.

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In 1897, Dr Maurice Berger, a pharmacist in France came up with an innovative technique. Taking the best elements of botanical essential oil therapies much loved by European royalties, he blended ozoalcool with essential oils with a patent catalyst. Dr Berger also invented a unique wick made with complex materials which can rapidly heat up aromatic oils. This innovation led to an extensive range of aromatherapy products which are both convenient and effective.

Since most essential oils are made from natural botanical extracts, they are rich in phytoncidere, an ingredient renowned for it's insect repellent and disinfecting action. They are therefore ideal for creating a bacteria free living environment. And as the fragrance and mood differ from plant to plant, users are offered a whole new alternative to cultivate a chic and elegant lifestyle.

An Invigorating Experience For The Whole Family

Lampe Berger offers essential oils of excellent quality and stability. For the last century, the company has been a leader of the scented botanical induxtry of Paris - the capital of fragrance.

Lampe Berger have experienced nearly a century of transformation and perfection to reach the present optimum quality. The essential oils are specially selected and blended to meet individual needs and to give optimum therapeutic effects.

With Dr Berger's great invention of the catalytic unit, which is the most important component of the Lampe Berger, combustion is maintained at a constant temperature of 60C, allowing essential oils to be completely dispersed in the air and thus optimum performance is ensured.

As an air purifier, twice two-hour therapy daily with the Lampe Berger will exterminate air-borne bacteria to protect you and your family from diseases and reinforce natural resistance. During operation, the Lampe Berger eliminates bacteria and increases oxygen level in the air which no other aroma burners can offer. It is particularly effective for preventing asthma and respiratory problems.


Important InformationAn Important Note for Parents of Babies & Toddlers.

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Lampe Berger is not sold by retail outlets or over the counter. It is sold by direct marketing through its authorised distributors. Customers are cautioned against purchasing from retail outlets as these are unauthorised by Lampe Berger and as such Lampe Berger cannot guarantee the quality or authenticity of such products.

Authorised distributors may be identified by their official Lampe Berger identification cards.


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A product with more than a century of heritage

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