Human II (Donít turn your back on me)
Boyz II Men

I know this was my fault but
How much should it cost
To make things right
Do I have to pay for life
We all fall short sometimes
And Iím guilty of that crime
But I just wanna make you see
That you can still believe in me

I know, I made mistakes
I am what I am
Iím only a man
So donít take my joy away
Donít turn your back on me

Speak to me, let me know how you feel
If you feel like you can hold on and be strong
I will never leave you lonely
I cry sometimes Ďcause I make you cry
And that ainít right
I wonít make the same mistake twice
Baby please forgive me

No I canít erase the wrong Iíve done
But I hope you can give me another chance
ĎCause if you were me you would want the same
And Iíd give that chance to you

Repeat Chorus