Dear God
Boyz II Men

Dear God, itís me again
I am so far from where I could have been
Dear God, I would be incomplete
But you came and touched my life in time of need
So Iím thanking you for all youíve done
And for sacrificing your only song

Thatís why Iím writing you this letter
To let you know that I love you
Thank you for all that I am and for being a friend
Lord, my love for you will never end

Dear God, itís Shawn this time
Iím so grateful for the way youíve changed my life
Iíd give all I have, Iíd just throw it all away
For a chance to walk with you through Heavenís gates
Thatís why Iím thanking you for your love and your grace
I donít deserve these blessings that you give me

Repeat Chorus

Dear God, as a humble man I come to you like a child
Needing your knowledge, your love, and your guidance, Lord
Thank you for trusting me with my own lifeís decisions
But Iím just a man, and I donít deserve
This incredible life that youíve given me
I love you Lord, I love you

Dear God, itís me Wanya
Iím so sorry, so sorry for living for me
But I promise from this day on Iím liviní for you
ĎCause without you my life means nothing

Repeat Chorus