Baby Címon
Boyz II Men

Are you down, say youíre wit it
Let it go, I know youíre feeling me
Donít try to fight it
Iím gonna help you find the way
Baby címon, baby címon, baby címon

Baby, canít you see that heís
No good
Honey, he donít treat you like he should
Baby I know just what to do to make it right
Let me lead you to the best love
That you ever had in your life

So baby when you feel the need
Donít you hesitate to reach right out and call me
Iíll supply your everything
Make it so good for you
That youíll end up falling in love with me

Repeat Chorus

Sister, youíre the finest thing I know
He gotta be crazy
To think of ever letting you go
I know you want me to ease the pain you feel
I got a plan girl
Just take my hand and follow me

To a place where you can be
All the things you couldnít be
When you were with him
I got all the qualities
That a man would need
To make you end up falling in love with me

Girl, I know you wanna be with me
So baby címon
Girl you know that I can
Set you free
So baby címon
Iíll supply your every need