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      Dan and Heather's Newly Renovated Page of Horrible, Horendous, Absurdly Unbelievable Parking Jobs

Trucks and/or SUVs

Groups and/or Chain Reactions

Cars, etc.

Parking in Walkways

Dan and/or Heather

Heather Flipping things off

KiSS dolls

Book: For Guests


Someone liked us!!  See for yourself:


Hi, I'm a newspaper reporter in Georgia working on a piece about bad parking and tight-squeeze parking.  I've toured lots across the area and have seen a lot of what looks like the pictures you've taken.  I'd sure like to speak to one of you by phone for an interview as soon as possible.  You can e-mail me a number I can reach you at or call me at (phone number omitted).  I work for The Macon Telegraph.  My e-mail address is (email address omitted).  I think your site is hilarious and speaking to its creators would enhance my article.

                       Joe K.

There are also FINALLY a few updates (cars and flippin' things off)

click the bunny to suggest something for me to flip off or to send me pictures of bad parking jobs!