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The meetings are setup for the 2nd Saturday in the first month of each quarter
unless changed at a previous meeting
always starts at 10:00 a.m. in that time zone

1st Quarter ----------Woodward Oklahoma
---------------------------NorthWest Inn

2nd Quarter --------------Pueblo Colorado

3rd Quarter -------------Logan New Mexcio
----------------------------Ute Lake State Park

4th Quarter-------------------Amarillo Texas

GST Note: Ty Pedigo requests that members with emails send him their address for more economic and faster GC News Letter and information distribution.

The following is a list of the GC Officers. Please contact your Local Chairman to file a claim. Contact Mark Ciurej for questions concerning BNSF (Kansas, Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California Districts), KCS (Gateway and Mid South) and for claims on the KCS. Contact Ty Pedigo for questions concerning insurance or railroad retirement benefits. Contact Rod Kidder about claims and for questions about protective benefits. Contact Mike Dake for questions concerning BNSF (districts other than above), MRl, and DW&P. Contact Ty or Rod if you are unable to reach Mike or Mark.
General Chairman- Mike Dake old BN Send An E-Mail
Vice General- Mark Ciurej old KCS Send An E-Mail
Asst General- Rod Kidder old SP Send An E-Mail
Sec/Tre Ty Pedigo old BN Send An E-Mail


Ken Strickland old SF

Danny Chaparro old SF

Send An E-Mail to me with what you would like to see on this site
Send An E-Mail to Local President
Send An E-Mail to Local Secretary
Send An E-Mail to Local Chairman old Colorado >

Send An E-Mail to Local Chairman old Plains >

Seniority rosters will be revised and posted in January. The following Agreement Rules and time permitted to protest any errors associated with the new roster, from the date first posted, are as follows.
BNSF (Rule 23), 60 days.
Please make all protests in writing, keeping a copy, so you will have a paper trail if a claim is needed to be filed on your behalf.

For those using corporate lodging, please keep this office informed of any problems by writing or e-mailing Mr. Pedigo (who will forward the information to the General Chairman), and contact and work with your Local Chairman to get the problem corrected. We will not tolerate our members staying in substandard lodging.

National Vacation Agreement
The following information is for all maintainers who are assigned or called to cover their adjoining maintainer for vacation coverage when the Carrier does not assign a relief maintainer. See Section 10 (b), on page 43 of the new BNSF Agreement and page 36 in the KCS Agreement, this language allows a penalty payment. What this rule means is that if you work over 10 hours, during the normal assigned working hours Monday through Friday on a maintainers territory when he is on vacation, you can file a claim for additional pay. An example would be that you worked 15.5 hours taking trouble calls or following a production gang for a maintainer on vacation, you would file a claim for an additional 15.5 hours pay at the straight time rate of pay. This pay is in addition to your half time pay you would have received for working off territory during normal working hours if your agreement rules provide for half time. You cannot count the hours worked after normal working hours because you would have already received overtime pay for these hours working off territory. All of the Local Chairmen have been sent Board Awards showing how to claim this extra pay.

E-Mail Address all members
For all members who would like to receive their Quarterly letter and claims report sent to them by e-mail, please forward your e-mail address to Ty Pedigo, BNSF General Secretary Treasurer, This will help the committee by saving time and the cost involved in printing and mailing out this information to our members. Also please advise if your e-mail is Microsoft Word compatible.


Grand Lodge


Local 161 Bylaws