Welcome to the seventh issue of Flash Me Magazine!

It's winter here in the U.S. and I felt a snowy theme fit the mood for this quarter. Actually, when I started work on this issue, there wasn't a drop of snow to be seen near this editor's house - an unusual thing this time of year. So I created my own winter solace within the pages of January's issue.

This quarter was an odd one for the editors here at Flash Me... there were so many stories we liked enough to hold on to, which made for a very difficult voting session this month. And with the holidays - and my move from Nebraska to Georgia - we had a hard time getting denials out, stories formatted, and all the other tidbits that go with publishing this magazine.

But we did it. Another quarter begins, another issue is online, and life continues on as it always will. We're glad to be around, and hope you enjoy yet another issue of the best flash fiction to swing our way...

Jennifer Michaels






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