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Dark Schneider, from the series Bastard, is the all powerful sorcorer. His original plan was to take over the world and then all the women would be his but he was stopped and his soul was sealed away in the body of a young boy named Ruche RenRen. Ruche looks and acts about 8 years old but is about 14. Ruche knows nothing of Dark Schneider. One day the four lords of Havoc plan to awaken the evil god Anslasax. I don't know much about the manga series, but in the OAV's Yoko (a young preistess and Rushes's best friend)awakens D.S. with a kiss. D.S. has fallen in love with Yoko but he can not hide that he is still in love with his adopted daughter, Arshes Neigh who is one of the four lords of Havoc. After defeating Abigail (another of the four lords of Havoc) and rekindling his love for Arshes and his friendship with Gara ninja master (another of the four lords of Havoc) only Cauru Su remains. Unfortunatly this is where the OAV's end. I know that D.S. is constantly torn between Yoko and Arshes Neigh. Although he used to constanly sleep around with many other girls he seems to have stopped that although he seems to have stolen the heart of Princess Sheila of Metaricana. The pic of the boy at the bottem of the page is the kawaii little Ruche.
And now on to my Dark Schneider/Ruche and Yoko/Arshes Neigh Shrine!!!!!!