Sailor Chastity and the Tic Tac Girls!

What is "Sailor Chastity and the Tic Tac Girls" You ask? Well That would be a long story. Well my Freshman year at high school my buddies and I were some how discussing what it would be like to be super heros.(We got into that conversation after a small get-together I had and we got out my barbies and were making them super Heros.^_^)And since we are all obessed with anime we were talking about being an anime. At that time I was really into Sailor Moon so I want to be a Sailor Scout. Originaly we had an even gayer name then the one we had now. It was "The Craptacular Cuatro" And we had really gay names as well: Sailor ?(I can't remember what I was) Dragonball Girl, The Quetion Mark and someone else who I can't remember either. But like all original stories we changed it over and over. My friend April, being obessed with the word concubine and the name Chi-Chi wanted to be our super villan and so she became, "Chi-Chi Queen of The Concubines" And seeing as she was a concubine it was only natural that her nemisis be a virgin of some sort. So since I was to be the leader of the good side and I was gonna be a sailor scout we had to think of a name. Our choices were:

Sailor Virginity

Sailor Chastity

and Sailor Abstinance

I choose the name that seemed to flow the best, "Sailor Chastity" And from then on I (unwillingly) Became Sailor Chastity. Then next character, "Kiccalo" got her name by combining her name, Kasey with Piccalo. Next we have Jusenkyo Jinx. She created her name from Ranma and I don't know where she got the Jinx part. Then there is Mallot Maiden.We got the Mallot Part from Akane and her mallot that seems to come out of no where in Ranma.and Finally There is Mugugaipan and Charlie. They were created the night we were playing with my barbies. Charlie was a pimp to almost all my barbies and Mugu was a retard who we dressed up in a girl's hat, girl's shorts, and a aprion for a cape. And well that's the story.

Okay the first issue for the comic is all illustrated with pics and everything--Like a real comic book. But my friend Sara(The artist and Jusenkyo Jinx) took months to finish it so the rest are gonna all be in HTML with a few pics here and there, kay? Okay enjoy!


Issue One(In comic book form)---NOT YET THE ARTIST IS LAZY

Issue Two