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P.O. Box 904, Lowell, Ma., USA, 01853
$9.00 per copy plus $2.50 postage and handling ($7.50 overseas)

What you've been waiting for! Weird stories of science fiction and horror, evocative poetry and enlightening articles all carefully chosen to provoke and entertain! Each issue of Fungi includes a special spotlight section, a film and video review column and interior artwork by such greats as Richard Corben, Christopher J. Porter and Gregorio Montejo! Fungi is the magazine that's been designed especially for you, the discriminating epicure of the fantastic. Order now because your ship has just come in!

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Fungi #19

It's here! All new!

This issue was so big, so colossal, that we were forced to split it in two!

First, you'll get the latest issue of Fungi which features a special spotlight section on legendary fantasiste C.S. Lewis. This section includes such essays as Supernatural Horror in Literature by Dale Nelson; The Christian Dialectic by Pierre Comtois; Narnia: the Analogous World of C.S. Lewis; by Gregorio Montejo and two pieces by Ben Avery: The Mythopoeia of C.S. Lewis and C.S. Lewis on Film and Video. Our spotlight winds up with The Star Bath a poem by C.S. Lewis, the master himself!
Fiction: The Three O'Clock and Per Chance to Dream both by David Daniel.
Non-Fiction: Don't Dream: Fungi book review by Jonathan Eke and Beyond the Fields We Know: an appreciation of Gervasio Gallardo by Pierre Comtois.
Poetry by: Joseph Setti, Henry J. Vester III and Tamara Vishkina.
Interior art by: Theodor Kittlesen.

And when you finish Fungi, move on to Chronicles of the Cthulhu Codex, #17 for a compendium of stories detailing every weird and bizarre twist and turn in H.P. Lovecraft's popular horror cycle including:

Fiction: Aqua Salaria by Pierre Comtois; The Ebb of Reason, The Exorcism of Iagsat and The Forgotten Rituals of Mnar by Joseph Pulver; The Tulu Jar by Ann K. Schwader; The Mutual Doom of the Lord Hwepkath and the Lady Myopphwe by Simon Whitechapel; Shadow Falls Needs Guitars by Ron J. Zimmerman.
Non-Fiction: Against the Providence Point of View and The Phosphor Lamps of Clark Ashton Smith by Ron Hilger (with Donald Sidney-Fryer); Some Thoughts on H.P. Lovecraft, the Cthulhu Mythos and the State of Weird Fiction by Pierre Comtois; Clark Ashton Smith: Fantasiste or Science Fictioneer? by Simon Whitechapel.
Poetry by: Clark Ashton Smith and Richard Tierney.
Interior art by: Christopher G. Porter and Gregorio Montejo.

Covers for both Fungi and the Codex feature wraparound paintings by fantasy great
Gervasio Gallardo!!
IMPORTANT! Special ordering information: Because of the unique nature and overall size of this issue, Fungi and the Codex will each be sold for $9.00 (for a total of $18.00) plus postage as listed below. However, these two magazines will NOT be sold seperately.

It's here! All new!

Fungi #18

This issue features two spotlight sections: The first is on that mistress of mysticism Colleen Drippe with two stories In the Warrens and The Moment and a non-fiction entry In the Marketplace: The Storyteller. The second spotlight is on the French Surrealists with a translation of Guillaume Appolinaire's Slum by Edward Ford and two essays, An Introduction to Alain Fournier's The Wanderer and Of Surrealism and Julien Gracq also by Ford.
Fiction: Murder By Long Distance by Alex Johns; From Out of the Sea by Todd H.C. Fischer; Aqualung in Svalyava by Dale J. Nelson; The Victim's Lament by Herbert Hollis.
Non-Fiction: Theodor Kittlesen: Norwegian Master of the Macabre by Dale J. Nelson; Why Didn't Robert E. Howard Write Any Science Fiction? by Pierre Comtois; Film Review by Pierre Comtois.
Poetry by: Gregorio Montejo, Joseph Setti, Harry Cumming and William Morris.
Interior art by: Gregorio Montejo and Theodor Kittlesen.

Painted cover Le Tombeau Ouvert by Gregorio Montejo

Fungi #17

This issue's spotlight is on writer and essayist G.K.Chesterton: The Life of G.K.Chesterton by Edward O'Brien; Notes on Verse: The Paladin of Love by Gregorio Montejo; A G.K.Chesterton Bibliography compiled by Edward O'Brien; Mooreeffoc by Lin Carter; Notes on The Man Who Was Thursday by Dale Nelson; poetry and essays by G.K.Chesterton.
Fiction: The Hades Box by Gregory Luce; The Final Asylum by Vera Searles; Hymn to Atlach-Nacha by Henry J. Vester III; Khymyrium (part 4) by Lin Carter; The Black Pilgrimage by Pierre Comtois
Non-Fiction: About Lin Carter by Lin Carter; Video Review by Ron J. Zimmerman.
Poetry by: Joseph Setti, Gregorio Montejo, Jose-Maria De Heredia (translated by Donald Sydney-Fryer).

Fully painted cover Un Autre Jour Commence by Gregorio Montejo

Fungi #16

Sold Out!

This issue's spotlight is on writer, editor and publisher Robert Price: Questionable and Doubtful by Pierre Comtois; The Burrower Beneath and The Transition of Zadok Allen by Robert Price.
Fiction: The Crickets by David Barker; Away, Foul Night by Colleen Drippe; Swimmers in the Sea of Time by Larry Tomalz; Khymyrium (part 3) by Lin Carter.
Non-Fiction: Some Remarks on Literary Coincidences by Dale Nelson; Why Does One Write? by H. Warner Munn; Film Review by Ron J.Zimmerman.
Poetry by: Joseph Setti, Paul Toffeletti, Donald Sydney-Fryer, Ron Hilger and Gregorio Montejo.

Cover art by Richard Corben

Cover art by Richard Corben

Sold Out!

Fungi #15

This issue's spotlight is on author Wilum Pugmire: In the Shadow of Mount Selta: The Lovecraftian Works of Wilum Pugmire by James Ambuehl; A Map of Sesqua Valley by Christopher J. Porter; The Woman of the Wood by Wilum Pugmire.
Fiction: A Florentine Dialogue by Pierre Comtois; Nothing to Fear by David Barker; Flawed Blossom and Withered Leaf by Edward O'Brien; Superbia by Edward Ford; Khymyrium (part 2) by Lin Carter; The Ergushevo Icon by Dale Nelson.
Non-Fiction: Inklings of Greatness by Donna Beals; Film Review by Ron J. Zimmerman.
Poetry by: Joseph Setti, Henry J. Vester III, Gregorio Montejo and William Morris.

Fully painted, wraparound cover Idee Fixe by Gregorio Montejo

Fungi #14

Sold Out!

This issue's spotlight is on author and poet Clark Ashton Smith: The Muse of Averoigne by Ron Hilger and Henry J. Vester III; An Atlas of the Fantasy Worlds of Clark Ashton Smith by artists Christopher J. Porter, Torin Atkinson and Ron Hilger; In Search of the Emperor of Dreams by Shaun Sullivan.
Fiction:The Three Colonels by Pierre Comtois; The House That Couldn't Sit Still by Laura Jacobsen; Nails by Dale Nelson; Khymyrium (part 1) by Lin Carter; Health Food by David Daniel.
Non-Fiction:Shared Lives: The Secret Circle of British Fantasy by Dale Nelson; Charles Williams: The Unsung Inkling by Donna Beals.
Poetry by:Charles Baudelaire, Stephen Crane, Joseph Setti and Herman Melville.

Fully painted wraparound cover La Nuit Etranger by Gregorio Montejo

Sold Out!

Fungi #13

Fiction:That is Not Death by Pierre Comtois; The Whole Schmeer by David Daniel; The Reprisals of Maal Dweb by Henry J. Vester III; Always Expect A Train by Shaun Sullivan; Margus and Zekander by Lin Carter; Illuminatus by Gregorio Montejo; Oahula the Carnivorous by Delysle-Ferree Cass; Caught Up in the Deck by Mehmed Ali; The Wilshire Monstrosity by Ron J. Zimmerman; The Pallid Masque by Charles Vaughan; Drink the Moon by Wilum Pugmire.
Non-Fiction: The Strange Reality of Frank Belknap Long by Perry M. Grayson; A Look Behind Lin Carter by Ron Hilger.
Poetry by: Joseph Setti and Ken Stone.

Monochrome cover Pensee by Gregorio Montejo

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Sorry! Issue numbers 1 through 12, 14 and 16 are sold out! But there's still time to get in on the excitement while supplies last of our remaining issues. Just send a check or money order to the address below and take your first steps into the strange and bizarre! And watch this site for Fungi #20 coming in 2003!

P.O.Box 904, Lowell, Ma., USA, 01853
$9.00 per copy plus $2.50 postage and handling ($7.50 overseas) NOTE: Fungi #19 $18.00 per copy.

Art (right) by Christopher G. Porter

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