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A Photographic Retrospective By John Robert Rowlands





Susan and Terry Jacks

The Poppy Family

Pressured by his family to get into architecture Terry Jacks chose music for a career.
During a appearance on a Canadian television show Jacks met his future wife Susan Pesklevits.
Eventually they started working as a duo and later added other personnel and became 'The Poppy Family.
In 1969 the band finally made the international charts with "Which Way You Goin' Billy?",
worldwide sales exceeded 2 1/2 million copies.
"That's Where I Went Wrong" and "Where Evil Grows" followed and the group toured to promote sales.
Susan later recorded a self-titled solo album in 1973. 
Terry went on to record the his biggest selling record in late 1973. "Seasons In The Sun" sold 14 million copies worldwide.

Photographs of Terry and Susan Jacks and the Dodge Sheriff by John Robert Rowlands