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Hello all....This is just a note from me, the nuked ant. First, all opinions matter. Yours, mine, dogfighters, gametesters, veterinarians, animal activists, rescuers, etc, the list goes on and on..We all have our own personal views, and beliefs, and unfortunately they will clash, bang, and upset one or another at some point. But in the is still just an opinion. A feeling, or emotion that we feel strongly about. Whether or not you fight your pit, breed pitbulls, work your pit, love pitbulls, rescue pits, we all share a common goal...Saving the APBT from "extinction". I receive so many emails with owners in distress, or that the pitbull is being "banned" in their city, or being blamed for an attack, or what have you, that we as owners must realize what the true enemy is....People who own Pits as a "family dog" dont point the finger at the dogfighter, and pitfighters, dont look down at the "responsible" owners. There is a great confusion between the two. Family pit owners only see the "media" side of pitfighting, the side of irresponsible dogfighters who have no love of the dog, only the money. That is a major problem, and a cause of raging pitbulls. Believe it or not, there are breeders out there who game test their dog to keep the line clean and pure, but do it with care and love thier dog at the end of the day every day. Now I do not condone this, nor condemn is there and will always be there. Dogfighters, there are those that fight pitbulls to the death with no regards to the dog that put you as a dogfighter in a bad position. The "family pit" owner see's you as a coward regardless, due to the fact of the irresponsible acts that many have shown. Abuse in any form is an act of cowardice flat out. If you abuse your dog in the hopes that it will make it meaner, stronger and tougher....just remember how you treated it when its jaws are around your throat. The pitbull regardless with always be a fierce protector of its family. You do not have to "game test" your dog to prove this. Regardless of lineage, the pitbull is a pitbull. All pitbulls traced back far enough came from the same bitch and sire. I do not and never have fought my pitbulls. There is no need for it. I know that they have game, and a warrior spirit. They prove that to me everytime they take down a stubborn bull that doesnt want to cooperate. Take it easy, and respect one another. Its up to us to save the Pitbull...Stay loyal.