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American Pitbull Terrier

My dream is to restore the pitbull to its once heroic reputation

This site is dedicated to all the beloved Pit Bulls that were put down because of stupid bonehead ignorance, of individuals or groups that had one dysfunctional brain cell left.

We thank you for your ignorance and all the pain and suffering you have caused.

Get a clue, its NOT the breed, its the owner.

This site is very old, in fact is almost 10 years old. I actually deleted it a long time ago, but somehow its remained. I still get emails from time to time, which brought me back here. Be on the look out for a much better Pitbull site in the future. I will keep updates posted. Its about loyalty...ARE YOU LOYAL TO YOUR BREED AS MUCH AS IT IS LOYAL TO YOU? Take a stand! Trying to kill my dog, is like trying to kill me...Expect a fight. Show some respect, watch your language!!

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