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Championship Guppies Bred By Joanne and Fraser Davis

Championship Show Guppies
Bred By Joanne and Fraser Davis

Thank-you for your interest in our beautiful guppies. We have been involved in breeding and raising top quality fish since the early 1960's and now have some of the top strains in North America.

All of our fish are bred to the I.F.G.A. standards and are true breeding strains.Our fish are sold in trios at approximately 3-5 months of age. At this time, they are the most fertile and sexually active.We ship year-round, and guarantee live delivery. Fish are sent by courier overnight delivery to your door by 10:30 a.m or by 12:00 noon the next day.

We recommend raising guppies in a bare bottom tank with either a corner filter or sponge filter.Change 25% of your water 3-4 times per week. New water should be de-chlorinated. We feed newly hatched brine shrimp 3 times daily with several feedings of a good quality flake food. Feed often, but sparingly.


Please feel free to contact us by
fax, phone, letter or e-mail if you have any questions
or require more information regarding our fish.

We also offer Brine Shrimp Eggs for purchase.
Current prices available on request.


Contact Joanne & Fraser Davis at

Call or Fax Between 10AM and 10PM
Eastern Standard Time Please
Phone: (905) 387-9106

Fax: (905) 387-1908

Joanne and Fraser Davis
44 Bridgette Drive
Hamilton, Ontario
Canada L9A5J8

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