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X-MEN COVER GALLERIES-Features Cover Scans to Different X-MEN Comics.
X-MEN VIDEOGAMES-This page showcases all of the various video games available that are based on the X-Franchise.
X-MEN OVERPOWER-This page showcases Overpower cards that feature characters from the X-Universe.
CHAT TRANSCRIPTS-This page has transcripts from X-MEN related chats.
-This page Showcases rare ONE-OF-A-KIND X-MEN Cards
X-MOVIE-the latest news on the X-MEN live-action movie plus pics on the cast members!
TROPHY ROOM-See all the awards I am winning
OUTSIDE OF THE X-Lists of X-character appearances in non-x books.
RARE ITEMS-a collection of rare items from all around the world!
BIOS-Info on tons of X-Universe characters, and more all the time!
ANIMATED X-MEN-Info on all the various appearances of the Animated X-MEN.
COOL STUFF-Various Tidbits that I find to be cool or amusing.
UPDATES -Where you can find what I have done since your last visit.
LINKS-The best of the web!
Please check my site often as I will be updating. E-mail me with any thing you would like to see on my site. Please sign the Guestbook, visit the message boards, and take a look around. I will be adding more bio's, and other things later.

All characters are TM and Copyright of Marvel Comics. All characters are used for entertainment purposes only, and are used without permision.