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Welcome To The Final Fantasy RPG!

This is my Final Fantasy RPG, Please enjoy your stay...

10/25/99 Derrick: Hey guys! I got the updater job and just wanted to post on here. Since I have the power to delete pages, you better answer my posts! (just kidding). Have fun!! Oh, by the way i might change this page so it doesn't take long to load (for people that don't have cable modems... ahem Jackie).

10/29/99 Derrick: Like I promised I changed the layout of the main page to have it load up faster.... well at least i got rid of the HUGE picture that took so long! Yuffie said I sorta own this thing now, so i can give new limit breaks, new towns, new monsters, ect. and I kinda really want a new town, so keep traveling, you might just get one! Also, for now the only people that can reply to people's messages are Sephiroth, and Shadow (and of course, me) they can give towns, and monsters, but no new towns or monsters, and no new limits, unless you're answering a message for me. Oh, also Yuffie can also do new towns/monsters/limits, ect. Rememeber, if you do a good job replieing to people's messages (especially mine) then you might get a gil bonus! Oh, and also, guys, please, please, PLEASE tell someone over ICQ or AIM when you rpely to their message! Well, thats all for today, have a fun and safe Halloween!!

11/5/99 Derrick: Yeah, I know i need to update more. I'll update profiles Sunday. Go here and tell me what you think. I like that. I think we can all stick with that...(its a new character profile layout). Go to the board and tell me how you like it... and yes i'm getting bangels... soon!! How bout: I'll try? Bye.

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