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Friday, October 01 1999 1:00-2:30 A.M

If you don't me my name is scott (aka berrywise). My friend Josh and I got bored so we broke out his new digital camera and headed outside to fool around on my dorm's front yard. Before you get all worked up no neither of us are wearing helmets. Don't evn have an excuse. For those that are into trials this is probably kind of weak but well we were having fun. Both of us are on our xc bikes w/ clipless pedals. I think all the files are like 100-400 k in size. All shots are of me unless noted.


  • 1.mpg Side hopping down steps to a big"ger" (for me that is) side hop.
  • 3.mpg Hopping onto a bench and riding off.
  • 5.mpg Dorm room rear wheel hopping to a nice fall over onto shelf. Or "why clipless suck"
  • 6.mpg Josh and I riding down the stairs.
  • 7.mpg More dorm room trials. This time it's me sidehopping off a desk.
  • 9.mpg Stalker.
  • 11.mpg It's 1 a.m what would you be doing in your dorm?
  • 20.mpg Trying to get a date by sidehopping into a girl.
  • 21.mpg Hopping up some steps at a good pace.