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My Shrine To Ranma Saotome

Welcome to my shrine where I worship the ultimate anime beshonin, Ranma Soatome! Ranma got betrothed to Akane through his father, Genma who planned on having Ranma and Akane join The Saotome and Tendo dojo. Ranma got engaged to his second fiance Ukyo kuoji because Genma said that Ranma would marry Ukyo if Ukyo's father gave Genma his okonomiaki stand. But Genma ran off with the stand and left Ukyo behind. When Ranma goes to the Jusenkyo training grounds in China and he and his father get cursed(Genma now turns into a Panda in cold water and Ranma turns into a girl) They meet and Amazon tribe. In his girl form Ranma beat an Amazon girl in combat. By law an Amazon beat in combat by a girl, The Amazon must kill the girl. Ranma escapes the girl, her name is Shampoo and goes back to Japan to meet the Tendos. He and Akane don't get along very well. Another guy, Ryoga, from Ranma's past comes back along with Shampoo. Ranma defeats Shampoo again as a boy and by Amazon Law Shampoo must marry any boy who beats her in combat. Now she is Fiance number three. Ryoga comes and although he has no sense of direction (A.K.A The eternal lost boy) he also tries to kill Ranma, Ryoga falls in love with Akane. Ryoga also is cursed by Jusenkyo, he turns into a pig.This is only a part of Ranma's life. He may often be a jerk, but he is by far my favorite.
Now on to my Ranma and Akane Shrine!!!!!!