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Evil Links That Take You Away From My Evil Page!!!

Oh I see How it is! You come here and look at my pics and now ya wanna leave!Well Fine Leave see if I care!!!::cries:: and I thought we were becoming friends! At least check out the sights of my REAL friends Unlike YOU. Well actually they aren't all my friend's sight,But whateva!!!

Casey and Tracy's Anime/Games Site--This is my buddy Speedy's site. He's such a sweety so I insisted on putting his site on my page^_^

Zella's Page of Doom--This is a page of art work and stuff by my buddie Sara. Check it out!It's tight like sprite!!!!

Out Side The Assylum--My buddie Alex's sight Go here too!!He's a weird ass freak but I said I would link him, so I did :)

Another Link To Me n Sara's Comic,Sailor Chastity and the TicTac Girls--Why put another on my page???Cause it's a cool comic and I want YOU to GO THERE!!Please??

Miaka and I adopted a Tamahome from this site^_^

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