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Pedigree: Belle

Very little is known about Belle. She was acquired by OEMTF on February 7, 2004 from a Stark County, Ohio, miller.

What we do know about Belle is that she has only three legs, one of her front legs was "rotting" off from infection. According to her owner, from whom she was acquired, something caused her leg to swell up to the point that it burst on its own and the owner found Belle chewing it off of herself like it was a chew bone. She was eventually taken to the veterinarian by her owner and the leg was amputated up to the shoulder. Poor Belle was full of infection. The picture of Belle was taken of her while she was so deathly ill.

Belle has become critical three times and has survived. These pictures were taken of her about a year following OEMTF's rescue of her.

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