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This is the story of Babe, a bitch who slipped through out fingers at auction, but who was fated to find us.

Review the pictures that tell Babe's (auction dog #107) story. The first picture is Babe at a Jenkins, Missouri auction on October 4, 1997, where she was sold for $225.00 to two men about whom we know nothing. They were probably part of the pet industry since auctions are not well publicized.

Babe was found July 30, 1998. We don't know if she was starved and dumped, or if she ran away and was on the loose for a long time.

There are no millers in the area where she was found. The closest auction was 50 - 60 miles away. There were no signs she had whelped pups since the day she was sold at auction. She may have been dumped as a poor producer. Millers only want producers.

Babe was born June 18, 1993 and her last litter was January 8, 1997, when she raised 6 of the original 8. The reason given for selling her at auction was "lost male." The only criteria that makes a dog a hot selling item at auction is its ability to be a prolific producer of puppies.

Lastly look at Babe in the above picture taken April, 1999, after receiving loving care by her new owner, one of our tireless rescuers.

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