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ACA Puppy Application #KS-ABA-0803379-007
Internet Access #KS27451830
Date of Birth: April 1, 2007
Brindle Female
Breeder Unknown
Owner/Seller - Clay Walker
1571 22nd Road
Mulvane, KS 67110

Auction Dog #202 - Purchased March 29,2008, at Kansas auction. This young bitch, one day shy of a year old at the time OEMTF purchased her, was "ready to breed" and the auctioneer stated she "had been exposed to the male" meaning the seller put a male in with her when she came into her first season, but no actual breeding was witnessed. Mind, Mastiffs are a giant breed and considered to be puppies themselves until 2 years old, so had she been pregnant it would have been a puppy having puppies.

The puppy was cowering in her crate at the auction all day but once she was away from the auction she was much better. She had been given no name. The seller told the OEMTF buyer that "I just call her dummy." She is now named Cinderella.

She was Auction dog #202 and she was sold with puppy registration papers. OEMTF does not have a pedigree yet.

Sire: LKL Greco's Teddy Bear, KS-ABA-0492410-001, AKC WS07738801
Dam: Misty Dawn Iii, KS-ABA-0329517-001, AKC WR01601001

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