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English Mastiff List

What is a Web Ring?
A Web Ring is a way to link Web sites of similar interests or topics to one another through a Web Ring Panel placed on each website that joins the Ring. All of the websites that join a Ring are linked to each other through the Web Ring "Panel".
This helps bring a sense of community to visitors who use Web Rings to tour many sites devoted to one topic or area of interest, and in the process brings more traffic to the websites that are members of the Ring.
NOTE: This Web Ring is only for members of the English Mastiff Mailing List. The EM ring panel is property of the EM-L and all rights are reserved. If you do not belong to the EM list, do NOT put the ring panel on your page! The ring panel will not work on your page until you are checked for membership of the EM list and approved by the webring Mistress.

Our web sites are all owned by people who either own, breed, show, or have a sincere interest in English Mastiffs and who are all members of the English Mastiff List. This is a private list, but you are welcome to apply for membership if you meet the qualifications. To join the English Mastiff List you must:

  • Own, or have a sincere interest in the Mastiff breed (or)
  • Have information and resources that make you a valuable asset to the list by providing specific information to our Mastiffs, AND
  • Be willing to follow the rules of the EM list (these will mailed to you when you apply for membership)to the EM list.

    English Mastiff List was founded by dee Andersson and, with dee, owners are well known, long time breeders Cat Angus, Anne Griffin, Irene Byrne and Web Ring Mistress Carol Duclo. List Files Guru is Larry Craddock who will assist you to upload your english mastiff pictures to share with list members. EM-L operates at the pleasure of its mastiff loving membership. We have a lot of fun sharing educational projects to show owners of mastiffs the stages through which their new puppies may grow. Visit our past projects at

    Our Mastiff list has heavy mail volume, it is a friendly environment, and membership includes highly respected top breeders and exhibitors in show & obedience & agility, plus members who do therapy work with their mastiffs, and they will all help you whether your Mastiff is your spayed/neutered pet or the next breed, obedience or agility champion. We welcome new members to the list. If you are just starting out with a new puppy this is the place to ask your important questions!

    Its simple to add your site to English Mastiff List WebRing.
    Just follow these few easy steps to go through the process. You may wish to print the information before you start, or open another browser so you can follow along as we walk you through it.
    (But Please read through ALL the steps BEFORE you start!)

    Here are the steps you need to join the English Mastiff Web Ring.

    1. Be a member of, or JOIN THE ENGLISH MASTIFF LIST
    Again...If you are not a member of the English Mastiff List, do NOT apply for the EM-L Web ring. Applicants will be checked for membership before approval to the webring!

    2. If you are a member of the EM list, Go sign up for the English Mastiff List Web Ring. Then use the "Back" button on your browser to return here.

    3. Check your email for your "SiteID" number.

    4. "Copy" the HTML code for the Web Ring Panel below and "Paste" the Panel Code onto your webpage. (Don't let all the html code scare you. I'll walk you through the changes to the code.)

    IMPORTANT NOTE: You must either put the code on your index page (OR) link to the page where the Web Ring will be displayed from the index page. I need to be able to find the Web Ring panel on your site to approve it and I can not surf everyone's entire website looking for the Ring panel.
    If I can not easily find the ring panel on your site, neither can your site's visitors, so your site will NOT be approved.

    5. Edit the Panel Code in the 5 (five) areas where the code has to be changed(see below):

  • In the email that you received from the SiteRing owner, you were given a 'SiteID Number'.
    In the code that you copied and pasted onto your webpage; You must insert this 'SiteID Number' into ALL FIVE places within the code where it reads "ADD SITE ID#" (leave quotes).
    REMOVE the words "ADD SITE ID#". REPLACE them with the site ID # that was sent to you via email.
    The code you pasted will have 5 lines of code that look like this: &action=join&siteid=ADD SITE ID#"
    After adding your site ID# it will look like this: &action=join&siteid=12345"

  • Where you see "YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS HERE" - type in your email address.
    (Leave the quotes ("").

  • Where you see "YOUR NAME HERE" - type in your name.

  • Where you see usernum=961430225 DO NOT change that!

  • Now, "Right click" on the image below and save it. Then upload it to your file manager.
    (Make sure the URL to the image is correct to pull the image from your site.)
    Do NOT link to it from this site!

    a)To do this its best to 'copy & paste' the URL address to the Site Ring panel. When you are in your file manager click to "view" the logo. Highlight the URL in the address or location box at the top, then "right click" and "copy".
    b)Go into your file manager to the webpage you are adding the SiteRing panel to. Within the code where it reads "ENTER URL TO LOGO HERE", delete those words BETWEEN the quotes ("") and paste in the URL you just copied (Leave the quotes).

  • "SAVE" the changes to your site.

    6. Notify the Ringmistress that your site is ready.
    IMPORTANT: In the subject box of your email write: EML SITERING (If this is ommitted it could be several days before I get back to you.)
    We will check out your site then add it to the Web Ring or notify you of any problems.

    **You will not see your site in the ring until you have been approved.**
    **You will be notified by email once you are approved.**

  • Its really pretty simple but if you should need some help, just contact the Ringmistress!

    This is what your Site Ring panel will look like.

    Bravenet SiteRing The English Mastiff List SiteRing

    The EM-L Webring Mistress is
    Carol Duclo
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