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heres one of my fave pics of the pre-fab four.

I know what you're thinking this is not a monkees pic but hey I also think Dobie is a cuttie.

No you're not DayDreaming,Yes it's Davy Jones smokeing who would've thaught Davy was ever so wild.

I love this pic also.

I love the album Justus this is my fave Justus pic.

is that really Peter Tork? or the Peter Tork caracter? (there is some differnce here)Yes Peter too.

Here is a pic of Brunswick, Georgia's newest additions the new Sydney Lanier Bridge we had a old bridge we needed a bridge that would be high enough for our port. Below The New Bridge Is Acually The Old One. As You Can See From The Pic There Is A Height Difference.

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