Hidden Lyrics

In the music:


Down In It
Now I'm down in it
Now I'm down in it

Rain, rain, go away
Come again some other day


Dear mom and dad,
This is the hardest letter i've ever had to write. i'd hoped somehow to get out of this quickly so that you'd never have to know about it, but that just isn't possible now. i don't know what's going to happen, but what can i say to you? will 'i'm sorry' make a difference? will it ease the pain? the shame you must be feeling...forgive me...please.

(Whispered) Dance in hell


Kinda I Want To
Somebody... somebody...sombody...somebody...

*This is in the background when Trent is very angry


Happiness In Slavery

It Controls You
Happiness (It Controls You)


Broken has two unlyriced tracks (according to booklet) called "(You're Too) Physical" and "Suck"


Mr. Self Destruct
You let me do this to you I am an exit

A Warm Place
The best thing about life is... knowing you put it all together

*This is VERY hard to hear and is at the first 20 seconds...


kill me
kill me
kill me
kill me
kill me
kill me


Oh, give it

What you've got's about gone now!
No!... No!!!... no god oh no no no noe no!
Na no no no noeooooeoooeooeoooeooeooe.


The Wretched
...You don't take anybody's sympathy


The Fragile
*If I could fix myself I'd...* die...


Li-ar... Li-ar... Li-ar


I'm getting closer...
I'm getting closer...
I'm getting closer... all the time


Starfuckers, Inc.
Still love you

...Hollywood, Hollywood
...Hollywood, Hollywood

The "still love you part is off backtrack"...



In the Lyric Booklet


Head Like A Hole
You know who you are


Terrible Lie
Hey god, I really don't know who I am. In this world of piss


As surely as the blade's curse.
Maybe my kingdom's finally come.


Something I Can Never Have
I think I know what you meant.
That night on my bed.
Still picking at this scab.
I wish you were dead.
Your sweat and Perry Ellis just stains on my sheets


Kinda I Want To
I want to (I'll take my chance tonight)


The Only Time
I can't help thinking Christ never had it like this


I'm so tired I can't get to sleep.
And the squeeking of the bed is right in time with the song that's repeating in my head
I just want you to know, "when I do it, I only think of you"


You don't need me anymore


Burning with your god in humility
Will you die for this?


La Mer
*The entire lyric summary in the booklet is in English, but the correct lyrics would be in French...



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