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A Vampire's Love-Dedicated to Buffy and Angel

"This isn't some fairy tale: When I kiss you,
you don't wake up from some deep sleep and live
happily ever after." Angel to Buffy in the graveyard.
Her reply:
"When you kiss me, I want to die."

When I started this site last year I meant for it to only be a Buffy site but with all the millions of Buffy sites out there I have decided to make this one be a little different. From now on, this site will be dedicated to Vampire Romance, on Buffy as well as books, movies, etc.

Some of it will be dark and dangerous and a lot of it will make you want to swoon in the hope that you could be the one to expose your neck to these sexy villians.

One of the best vampire romance authors that I have come across is Amanda Ashley. I have made a page dedicated to her books and her mysterious vampires Amanda Ashley Books Each of her books hold a different view of the concept of vampire romance and I would recommend each and every one.

To visit the Authors Page-Just updated! Amanda's Vampire Page

Another great vampire romance author is Maggie Shayne Maggie Shayne's Official Site. I have read many of her books and enjoyed each and every one.

Another one of the top vampire romance authors is Christine Feehan. To visit her web page go here Christine Feehan

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