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My Less than Unique Paris/Torres Page

Hello Everyone!!!!!! Welcome to My P/T page!!! I hope you like your stay here. It's a humble page and I'm always working on it to make it better!! You will be seeing more and more fanfiction as that area develops so stick around check out my pages and as always constructive (and not so constructive) critism is welcome!


See what Voyager has to Offer!

Personal LogsCome leave a message in my dreambook and tell me what you think of my page!!

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Mess Hall Vote for P/T stuff in the messhall.

Observation LoungeRead my own reviews on Voyager

Holodeck 1My Very own Fanfic!!

Holodeck 2Fanfiction Archive from other authors on the internet!

TransporterGo to my links page

SickbayPeople on board the USS Smiley Face have been Ranting about there commerades on board Voyager...Read what they had to say in there...unique chats from Heather's P/T Message board, definatly something that will leave you laughing!!

Last Update September 25/1999!! Equinox Part II REVIEW!!!