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Last Modified Date : 06/18/2001
UFO Space Ship Captain : Alien Woody
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Dear UFO Friends

Do you believe when 2001 year comes the UFO will visit the "Area 51 U.S.A." Show off UFO Balloon to your UFO friends.

Special UFO EXPO Events For UFO Millennium Crazy Balloon Parties in "Area 51 " The UFO Galaxy Media have the Mission into the 21st Century. Business Fundamentals for Success in the 21st Century. We would like to build up the UFO Space 3-D Virtual Sky Tower Shopping Mall & Space Virtual City.

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Let us Listen to the UFO Radio from Galaxy it's from Taiwan Radio station

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UFO Research
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B. 30 Floor High UFO View Tower with UFO Resturant on the top floor with neon light and telescope some times we can see the UFO pass away.

C. 25 Meter wide Blimp will arrive in N.Y. city sky and Las Vegas city on the 12/31/1999 New Year Eve to celebration 2000 year to come. spared the UFO 2000 Games couple on the sky. We will see UFO Blimp on the sky. We will spread 200,000 pcs Galaxy Casino coupon on the sky.

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