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This site will no longer be updated. Please visit my new site at:-
April Forecast: April - North Node In Cancer
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December Article: The Psychology of Colour
November Article: The Secret Language of Pets
October Article: TAROT AND THE RUNES
September Article: YOUR BIRTH YEAR; A Guide To Self Awareness
August Article: Gentle Whispers
July Article: The Numbers We Work With
June Article: Joe Black & Other Guises
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This is my own effort and I hope you enjoy visiting it as much as I enjoyed doing it. I have studied Astrology for over 10 years, and I have had lots of my articles published in astrology magazines. I write all my own forecasts and articles, so you should not see my forecasts duplicated on another site. I plan on updating this site with new articles, forecasts and new information at least once a month so book mark and check often.


About Tracy Renee Porter

I was born January 30, 1961 at 5.11pm in Little Rock, Arkansas. I have an identical twin sister who was born about 5 minutes before me. I am an Aquarian with a Leo Moon and Ascendant, giving me many magnanimous qualities not necessarily attributed to the friendly Water Bearer.

I left Little Rock at 18 years old to join the United States Air Force, and this is where I received most of my training in and out of the classroom. I was trained as a Wideband Maintenance Technician and went to Texas, Mississippi, the Azores, Florida, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom with the military. While in the military, I was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Studies.

I eventually settled in England where I was began a new career in business.

While I have always had an interest in the esoteric arts, it did not awaken in me until the 1980’s, when I studied Numerology, Tarot and Astrology. While I have studied many subjects related to the New Age movement, such as Reiki and Shiatsu, in an effort not to spread myself too thin I have made it a policy to concentrate on only three or four disciplines.

I have been published in magazines in America and England, to include Today’s Astrologer, Prediction Magazine and American Astrologer. With the help of my twin sister, I have also started my own website to promote the field of Astrology, Tarot and Numerology. You can see my website at:-

I am a research member of the American Federation of Astrologers, and Doris Chase Doane is the president of this organisation.

I have taught Tarot classes at the local adult education courses in Basingstoke where I live and have worked as a reader at various psychic fairs in the area.

I have written a book, The Tarot Compendium, which is soon to be published by Llewellyn Publications.


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