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The Church of Ireland (Traditional Rite)

Who are we?

THE CHURCH OF IRELAND (Traditional Rite)

The Church of Ireland (Traditional Rite) is the continuing Anglican Church body in Ireland. It has congregations at Newtownards, Co. Down; Londonderry; and Stradbally, Co.Leix. The CI(TR) is also a member of the worldwide Traditional Anglican Communion which has member Churches in the USA, Canada, Central America, Australasia, India, South Africa, and Great Britain, as well as in Ireland.

The Church of Ireland (Traditional Rite) was founded in 1991 when the Church of Ireland began ordaining women to the priesthood in defience of both Scripture and Tradition. Thus the CI(TR) maintains the ancient three fold ministry of the Church brought to Ireland by St Patrick as well as the Reformed and Evangelical doctrines of the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion (1571), and the Book of Common Prayer.

For more information contact the Vicar-General, The Revd John MacCarthy Tel: 01820 623334.

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