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Rare Groove Real Audio Clips

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NEW: From now on, starting with Page 4, longer audio clips!

Check out these audio clips of various rare grooves and funky soul that I love. And I think you'll dig on 'em too. Just scroll down the page for the links to the sound clips.

Make sure to note on the top of each page you click on what kind of music is being featured--some of the samples may have the type of music I play on the Soul Power show, while others are tunes that I would never play on WWOZ (because they aren't non-commercial).

However, all of the selections are great, sought-after obscure funkies that are the essence of rare groove. I hope you like them and hear something you haven't heard before.

You'll need to have Real Audio to enjoy these pages. Download a free copy at

So bring on da audio clips. . .

Page 1
Soul Power style rare grooves.

Page 2
Miscellaneous rare grooves.

Page 3
Washington DC Go-Go

Page 4
Jazzy Rare Grooves

Page 5
Dancefloor (Clubby, Dance Rare Grooves)

Page 6
Funky Funky New Orleans

NEW--Everything Else
A "kitchen sink" collection of rare groove audio, all newly posted from 08-04-00! More being added weekly.

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