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Turn The Radio On

And Listen To The Music

Little Darlin'--The Gladiolas

Maybe Baby (alternate version)--Buddy Holly

Step By Step--The Crests

I'm Ready--Fats Domino

Morse Code Of Love--The Capris

Put Me down--Jerry Lee Lewis

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Welcome Cruisers! Old Bobaloons Has Put Together A Little Something I Think All Of You Might Enjoy. It's Fifteen Minutes, Or So, Of Tunes You May Have Heard Long Ago And Forgotten Or Maybe Never Heard at All. I've Picked A Few Songs That Were Either Originals Covered By Someone Else or Alternate Versions or Maybe B-Sides That Were As Good As The A-Side. Call Em What You Will But Give Em A Listen.

The Presentation Is Done In Streaming Audio And Requires A Real Player. If You Don't Have One, Get One (They're Free You Know). Man You'll Hate Yourself If You Miss These Tunes.

Download Real Player Here.

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This presentation is intended for educational and informative purposes.