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Bobaloon's Forever Fifties

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Remember Bopping With Your Honey? Cool Rock & Roll Sounds? Hot Rods? Drive In Movies? Curb Service? Black & White TV? Corny Horror Flicks? If You Answered Yes To Any Of These, Then Come Along On A Fun Filled Trip Back In Time To Those Fabulous Fifties.
I'm Bobaloons and I'll be your tour guide. What's a Bobaloons? Stick around and find out. I'll share my recollections and thoughts of things long gone but not forgotten.
So come on cats and chicks, let's cruise


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"Three Stars"
1959 Tribute Song To Buddy Holly
Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper!
Real Audio

John's Website

For all you fans of Buddy Holly, and I know that includes anyone who has ever heard his music, you must check out this site. John Mueller is without a doubt as close as you will ever get to seeing Buddy perform again. I had the pleasure of attending a Legends Of Rock & Roll Show and seeing John perform. Great doesn't do the man justice. John is touring in a tribute show to the Winter Dance Party of 1959. Buddy's, The Big Bopper's and Ritchie Valens' last show. The really cool news is that it is available on DVD. Now all of you can enjoy the music that will never die. It's a two disc set. One disc being a behind the scenes rockumentary taped on tour. The Big Boppers son does a great job with his dad's songs and Ray Anthony recreates Ritchie Valens hits. Please don't miss out on this great deal and check out John's website too.


"Bobaloons Forgotten Oldies Broadcast #1"
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