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About the Exchange

This page and the pages that follow are simulated pages for the proposed Eden Mercantile Exchange, an international marketplace that will enable individuals, institutions and businesses worldwide (working through their own brokers) to invest (online) in the growth of Eden.*   A variety of investment opportunities will be made available, including opportunities to invest in land development and construction projects, agricultural commodities and industrial projects inside Eden. In this section you will find general information, as it becomes available, about the proposed exchange, and more specific information about requirements for a clearing member firm.

Eden Mercantile Exchange
333 South Parkway Drive
Chicago, Illinois 60616
Phone 312-000-1000
E-mail LME Eden
LME - London Office
First House
00-00 St. George's Hill
London EC7R 3HN
Phone 44 000 000 0000
Fax 44-000-000-0000
E-mail LME London
LME - Tokyo Office
Mori NT Shiroyama Bldg.
Tokyo 500-0000
80-0-0000 0000
E-mail LME Tokyo

Background on the Exchange, its membership and its products

Current Membership Prices

Glossary of trading and market terms

Who's Who: The LME's 2000 Board of Directors, Biographies of LME Chairman John Jones, Chairman Emeritus and Senior Policy Advisor Sue Smith and Special Policy Advisor Bob Brown.

Our regulatory index page includes regulatory issues and the LME Rulebook

Links to Other Exchanges and Financial Sites

*WARNING: We are currently seeking clearances from government agencies, brokerage firms and regulatory bodies to operate as a bona fide exchange. Until we receive such clearances, please do not treat anything on this and other pages at this site as actual. These are merely simulated pages, and should not be construed as an attempt to sell securities of any kind.

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