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 The Eden Book Store in association with invite you to come in, browse around, and choose from a variety of books, CDs, video and audio tapes. We especially recommend The Libertarian Reader : Classic and Contemporary Writings from Lao-Tzu to Milton Friedman, edited by David Boaz. says of the book . . .

Conceived as the companion volume to Boaz's Libertarianism, this anthology comprising the likes of Lao-tzu and Milton Friedman is a treasure trove. That's because libertarianism touches on such important issues as the nature and extent of individual rights, the proper powers of government, and the virtues and shortcomings of the marketplace, and besides, it has tempted many of history's best minds. Pound for pound, the most impressive piece of reasoning here is philosopher Robert Nozick's attempt to defend a "minimal state, limited to the narrow functions of protection against force, theft, [and] fraud, [and] enforcement of contracts" and the view "that any more extensive state will violate persons' rights not to be forced to do certain things." Still, I wonder if Nozick has always turned down federal research grants and has always refused to pay income taxes, and if he hasn't, why not?

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Also recommended. . .

  "While the anarchist movement isn't that big in Africa, this book shows why that won't be the case in the future...The editors discuss how top-down socialism failed in Africa and analyze how colonialism's legacy still stifles radical politics today...Excellent book."

Order African Anarchism: The History of a MovementToday!

. . . And . . .
  "Very impressive!... a detailed understanding of Rand's philosophy and familiarity with her novels... full of insights and penetrating points, and I learned a great deal from reading it."
                     óDavid Kelley
                     Author of The Evidence of the Senses and the Art of Reasoning

Order The Ideas of Ayn RandToday!

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