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Helping Woodstock Illinois' Homeless

The homeless are like everybody else.

The homeless need three basic things: food, clothes, and shelter. And that is why Woodstock, Illinois homeless is in need of your support. Hi, I am Tony Ruffino, an eighth grade student at Northwood Middle School. For my school investigation I researched the topic around the question,"What would the process be of building and running a homeless shelter?" Over my three month investigation I interviewed one person, and gathered many sources. I have learned that there is many good ways to gather money for the starting of a shelter, such as: street papers, grants, newsletters, organized activities, and just plain asking your community for support. Street papers such as Chicago's Street Wise help raise money for shelters by having the homeless write articles, and sell them to normal people on the street. You can get company grants from companies in your community by asking them for money, and promising to pay them back with interest in the future. Newsletters and community events are linked together in the way that you set up events and charge money for people to get in. Before you do this you invite people in a newsletter. The most effective way to get money is to ask people in your community for support in any way they can. I hope that this self created web page can help you if you have any hope to raise money for a shelter in your town.

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