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Love Unlimited

This group reminds me of modern-day R&B girl group Total (or should I say Total reminds me of Love Unlimited). Why? Well, this group featured 3 stunning ladies who were among the leaders of their girl group counterparts in the early 1970s. Their music featured some pleasant ensemble vocals and gorgeous melodies (strings 'n all) provided by member Glodean's then-hubbie Barry White. As a matter of fact, it was Barry's original goal to create a girl group, and he got Love Unlimited together before the thought of doing his own solo albums ever entered his mind.

Both Total and Love Unlimited (not to be confused with Love Unlimited Orchestra) sing in the same kind of voice encouraging all us regular girls that we too can sing, if only in the shower. And it's no wonder since members Glodean James, her younger sister Linda, and Diane Taylor never did too much professional singing before cutting their first tracks. But they rehearsed for a couple years, got their chops together, released the dreamy tour de force "Walking in the Rain with the One I Love" (which I've read was inspired by a conversation between Barry & Glodean), and the rest is "her-story!"

UPDATE: Glodean Speaks! In December '99, Love Unlimited vocalist Glodean White (James) was featured prominently in VH1's Behind the Music on Barry White. There was also great performance footage of all three girls in action, as well as the story of the beginnings of Love Unlimited. It was a great show, and to see when it will re-air, please visit VH1's website. And don't forget, Barry's new book, which is sure to have loads of Love Unlimited stuff in it!

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  • Oh Love, Well We Finally Made It, 1973
  • I Belong to You, 1974

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  • From a Girl's Point of View by Love Unlimited, UNI, 1972
  • Under the Influence of ... by Love Unlimited, 20th Century, 1973
  • In Heat by Love Unlimited, 20th Century, 1974

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