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Linda Lewis

This British artist is one of the most unique vocalists to come out of the 1970s, but so many people don't even know who she is. Probably since her music is not really soul or R&B. But it's not really folk either. And at times it's pretty funky, in a groove-oriented way. But it's not funk. So what does Linda Lewis do? I can't even describe it myself, but rare-groovers like myself scramble for her hard-to-find albums.

Linda's music is great stuff, but it's her voice that makes the tunes both weird and wonderful. At one moment, Linda might sing in a "normal" husky lower register with the conviction of a worldly-wise woman. In the next stanza, she may switch to the voice of a breathy, nasal, pre-pubescent lil' bit. It's her high, multi-octave voice that many people compare to Minnie Riperton's. I would compare the two ladies' poetic lovelorn lyrics before I'd compare their voices, but like Minnie, Linda's effortless vocals seem to bring the listener back to a time of innocence.

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    Real Audio:

  • Fathoms Deep, 1973
  • May You Never, 1975

    Selected Discography:

  • Say No More by Linda Lewis, Reprise, 1971
  • Lark by Linda Lewis, Reprise, 1972
  • Fathoms Deep by Linda Lewis, Reprise, 1973
  • Heart Strings by Linda Lewis, Reprise, 1974
  • Not a Little Girl Anymore by Linda Lewis, Arista, 1975
  • Woman Overboard by Linda Lewis, Arista, 1977
  • A Tear and a Smile by Linda Lewis, Epic, 1983
  • Whatever by Linda Lewis, Turpin, 1988

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