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Lydia Pense

Teena Marie is not the only pint-sized soulful "vanilla child" out there. Lydia Pense, the leader of the funky hybrid of soul and San Francisco rock known as Cold Blood, packs a voice reminiscent of Janis Joplin (who actually recommended the band to concert promoter Bill Graham) and a groove closer to Aretha or Sly Stone.

The former national childhood rollerskating champ pushed forth this hip group so much with her tough vocalese that by their sixth album in '76, they changed their name to "Lydia Pense with Cold Blood." How's that for girl power.


  • Lydia Pense & Cold Blood (Official Site)

    Real Audio:

  • No Way Home, 1972
  • Baby I Love You, 1973

    Selected Discography:

  • Cold Blood by Cold Blood, San Francisco, 1969
  • Sisyphus by Cold Blood, San Francisco, 1970
  • First Taste of Sin by Cold Blood, Reprise, 1972
  • Thriller by Cold Blood, Reprise, 1973
  • Lydia by Cold Blood, Warner Bros., 1974
  • Lydia Pense & Cold Blood, ABC, 1976

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