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A Champion's Strategies




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Archive: Two Word Game Classics

Archive: Two Word Game Classics is a Macintosh/Windows hybrid CD-ROM containing:

A Champion's Strategies, by Joel Wapnick (North American Scrabble® Champion, 1983; Canadian National Scrabble® Champion, 1998; World Scrabble® Champion, 1999; Second Place, World Scrabble® Championship, 2001).


Medleys, by Nick Ballard.

Archive: Two Word Game Classics was reviewed by Joe Edley in the Scrabble® Players News, issue # 148. Here are some excerpts from the review (quoted with permission):

"It is a joy to read about the game and to see how our game culture has developed over the years. I highly recommmend it for your library...."

"There is also a wonderful collection of tournament player
Ann Sanfedele's photos, a 20-year visual history of the people who've influenced the SCRABBLE® game culture...."

"[A Champion's Strategies] reads like a book, but has a significant advantage over printed matter, as its interactive diagrams invite you to find the correct play, and there are areas to click on when you want to see the analysis..."

"Wapnick uses a conversational and easy-to-understand style..."

System requirements:

PC: Windows 95, a 13-inch or greater colour monitor, and a CD-ROM drive (duh!). Memory requirements are minimal.

Mac: System 7 or later, a 13-inch or greater colour monitor, a CD-ROM drive, and at least 7 megabytes of RAM.

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