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"I know exactly how it feels to be stuck in a Victorian boring--mind-numbingly boring--existence. And now I know why, when Victorians did things, they threw themselves into it. They threw themselves into good works, why they could find their hobbies so absorbing. They were craving some mental stimulation. They were looking for something that would lift them out of the ordinary." --Joyce Bowler, with four weeks left to go living in the Victorian-adapted "1900 House."
You can find "1900 House," PBS's version of reality programming, at
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"Raising the Mammoth" (2000) (NR)
directed by Jean-Charles Deniau
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Few sights can stir scientific curiosity as powerfully the image of a huge block of ice with two tusks sticking out and a mammoth inside being airlifted out of frozen Siberia. What's more magnificent is that this actually happened, as the Discovery Channel's documentary "Raising the Mammoth" recounts. You can follow the efforts of determined archaeologists as they set out to discover the history and evolution of the mammoth, propose theories about the species' demise, and examine the possibilities of using mammoth DNA to produce clones with today's technology. Also available on DVD: TV Video Sale here!

"Safe House" (2000) (NR)
starring Patrick Stewart and Kimberly Williams; directed by Eric Steven Stahl
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Nothing is as it seems in Showtime's made-for-cable action-packed film. Patrick Stewart stars in what appears to be yet another high-tech spy flick laden with futuristic weaponry and computers running top-secret software, complete with the requisite flashy graphics. But this quirky film is filled with oddities and twists and Stewart's wonderful presence, making this psychological thriller a "must-see before someone spoils the ending" kind of film. Also available on DVD:
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"Good Neighbors" (1977) (NR)
starring Penelope Kendall, Paul Eddington, and Richard Briers
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If you've ever had the urge to give it all up--the job, the city, the stress--and move to the country for the simple life, this brilliant British comedy will have you packing your bags and buying chickens. The Goods, who quit the rat race for a life of subsistence farming, are next-door neighbors to the Ledbetters, some of the fastest rat-race runners around, in the TV series "Good Neighbors." This collection of the final season of the show will have you laughing and wishing there were more.

'Fess up. There's something about that newfangled technology that just gets your heart racing. Here are the three documentaries and a TV movie to help you find your inner geek:

"Nerds 2.0.1: A Brief History of the Internet" (1999) (NR)
narrated by Robert X. Cringley
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This three-hour set gathers some of tech's biggest geeks in one documentary. Internet and computer industry pundit Robert X. Cringley looks at the Internet revolution from its military beginnings through the development of electronic bulletin boards and the growth of Excite. Interviews with Bill Gates, Mark Andreesen, and Steve Case and Cringley's insightful narrative keep the program fast-paced and fun.

"Code Rush" (NR)
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Few embrace "geek chic" as the coders of Netscape do. "Code Rush" follows the efforts of Netscape engineers as they rush to meet deadlines to get their browser on the market and to save the company's financial situation. A close-knit crew of eccentric but brilliant minds work on the project, picking bugs out of huge morasses of code, struggling to make it all work by the fateful day when the new browser is to be launched. The film follows the company through the AOL- Netscape merger and beyond.

"Pirates of the Silicon Valley" (1999) (NR)
starring Anthony Michael Hall and Noah Wyle; directed by Martyn Burke
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The best part of this made-for-TV movie about the founders of rival Apple Computer and Microsoft is watching the dead-on impersonations of Bill Gates (by Brat-Packer Anthony Michael Hall) and Steve Jobs (by "E.R." star Noah Wyle). Based on the book by Paul Frieberger, "Pirates of the Silicon Valley" is a delectable mix of computer-industry history and gossipy tell-all about the two innovators, in a film that is more entertaining than educational.

"Trekkies" (1999) (PG)
narrated by Denise Crosby; directed by Roger Nygard
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Live long and prosper while watching the cult-favorite documentary about the geekiest--and most adored--show ever to air: "Star Trek." Venturing into the heart of "Star Trek" fandom, this delightful film proves that the stereotypes for Trekkers (and Trekkies--yes, there is a difference) are simultaneously valid and woefully myopic, because the people introduced here are only as strange as you make them. Uplifting, thoughtful, comprehensive, and frequently hilarious, this good-natured film is guaranteed to entertain fans and nonfans alike.

For 12 years, Rocky and Bullwinkle entertained TV audiences. In 2000, a whole new generation will see the twosome in theaters with the star-studded "The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle." We have found several volumes of their TV show on video that have been out of print for eight years. For a limited time, you can tie together the past and present by reliving your favorite moments from Rocky, Sherman, Dudley Do-Right, and the rest of Bullwinkle's gang with this "classic stuff" on video.
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************** "The Lathe of Heaven" (1980) (NR)
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The adaptation of Ursula K. LeGuinn's science fiction novel first aired on public television in the early '80s. Since then, folks have been clamoring to own this much-loved program, finally coming to VHS. Also available on DVD: TV Video Sale here!

"Longitude" (2000) (NR)
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A&E's recently aired drama creates exciting tension and story out of, believe it or not, the calculating of longitude.
Also available on DVD:
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"Introducing Dorothy Dandridge" (1999) (NR)
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The HBO biopic of Dorothy Dandridge, an electrifying African American stage chanteuse and dancer who faced extreme racism in the entertainment industry of the 1950s, comes to home video.

All titles featured are NTSC format (VHS) and Region 1 encoded (DVD).

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