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Why, Did so many have to die in VietNam?
Why, Do so many still have to suffer from the war?
Why, Are a lot of Vet Brothers against one another?
Why, Have the "P.O.W.'s" NOT been accounted for?
Why, Do we lie and deceive one another as Vets?
Why, Do we Isolate ourselves from families and society?
Why, Do our brother's have to sleep in the streets?
Why, Haven't we united as one to demand recognition?
Why, Is it a shame to cry and grieve as a Man?
Why, Does our Government continue to take away our Rights?
Why, Does one organization go against another?
Why, Are some of us so greedy and selfish?


I don't have all the answers to all the above,

Only Those of you that read and have heart will know.

When blood runs out of a youngman in combat
and he begins to lose his color, it flips a switch.
a switch inside that says not too feel what is real,
Those survival tactics inside us are still on.
Time to flip the switch back and look around see
See what is going on around us and try and do what we can.
To help and comfort one another as men and brothers.
We all suffer to some degree a lot of P.T.S.D, Wounds,
a lot more, and like, it never heals.  So what's the Deal?

Have done my share to help out my brothers
and will continue to until the day I draw my last breath.

Doesn't matter; Race, Creed, or Color; All Blood Is RED!

This is a call to all that served and gave some,
For those that gave it all, Their live and Families too.
This hurts me more than anything I endured in that WAR!
I walked Point for those that had young ones back here.
Tried my best to look out for them, always back to back.
For I knew back here they needed a Dad to come back.
Grew up not knowing my Dad, Never had time for this Lad;
But:  Hope I made a difference in some little young ones's life?
And;  I know that I did in several instances and situations.
This gives me great joy and comfort today.
For I know it was God's way and he was instrumental.
Give all my honors and medals to God That Gave Me
all the courage and ability to do what had to be done.
Why then am I now home?  This puzzles me to a degree.
God will use me back here too if I allow him to do so
Have turned my will and life over to him.
When He calls me Home I hope to get the Greatest Medal of All




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